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We’re a group of 3 friends turned business partners that decided we wanted to ditch our traditional 9-5s and pursue content creation full-time. In three very short years, and not to mention a pandemic (talk about a curve ball),

we’ve created everything from social campaigns to broadcast spots for some of the largest brands in the world. If you’re ready to step outside the box with video production we would love to hear from you!

We create ads people actually want to watch

Our team

It's about time that we introduce ourselves.

Chief Marketing Officer

Conar Fair

From conceptualizing, scripting, acting, directing, shooting, editing, and so much more we’d call Conar One Peak’s “Jack of all trades”. In fact, he’s experienced in trades too! His creativity is limitless, he puts 110% into everything he does and never backs down from a challenge. Chief Marketing Officer. More like Chief Marketing Awesome! Actually, ya… that’s not a thing. But we think you get the idea! Catch phrase: “LET’S GO!!!”
Chief Operating Officer

Megan Jackson

If you have ever heard of One Peak, you likely know of our incredibly talented COO Megan Jackson. She can direct, act and has even been known to carry a tune or two. Thankful we haven’t lost her to Broadway, Meg leads all things sales and social at One Peak and her passion for storytelling and adventure are impossible to go unnoticed. Our COO is pretty COOL! Oh and we think she might like reading?
Chief Creative Officer

Glen Jackson

Now we can’t be certain…but if we were to place our money on it, we’d bet Glen is a wizard. Seriously though! Everything he creates is magic and whenever faced with an obstacle, Glens somehow has the ability to make it just disappear! Let’s just say, we wouldn’t want to make him angry. Though if you’ve met Glen, you’d agree that that might not even be possible! It is with good reason Glen is our Chief Creative Officer. Glen’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and innovation is one of One Peak’s greatest assets. Is it new to the industry, creatively challenging and overall mind boggling? Then Glen’s already on it.
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