Okanagan Bucket List

A promotional video campaign for the main tourism destinations in the Okanagan Valley - Big White Ski Resort, Predator Ridge, Mission Hill Winery & The Hotel Eldorado.
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About the client

The Okanagan Bucketlist program highlights four tourism product category leaders in ski, wine, water and golf – Big White Ski Resort, Mission Hill Winery, The Eldorado, and Predator Ridge Resort – each offering an iconic experience unique to the Okanagan.

The idea

We might be biased, but the Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada really is the ultimate four season playground. Whether you visit for the sand or the snow, there truly is something for everyone and that’s exactly what we needed to communicate through this campaign’s visuals. Our story was to be told through the perspective of local gold-medal olympian Kelsey Serwa, sharing all of the reasons she loves the Okanagan and her favourite places to visit. By weaving in each tourism destination, we were able to showcase the versatility of the beautiful landscape and what travelers can expect when visiting this unique place.

The challenge

Keeping up on the slopes with an Olympic Gold Medalist Skier and riding on the back of a dog sled while holding a camera…  just kidding, that was the fun part!  The real challenge was making sure we captured footage of each destination partner when their properties were looking at their best. This was made difficult as we were on a tight production schedule and needed to shoot during their peak tourism seasons.  Luckily, one of our biggest strengths is operating discreetly with a lean team, making sure that the destination’s guests were impacted as little as possible.

The result

A beautiful video campaign that told the story of each individual partner all while keeping a cohesive story. We also created individual videos for each partner to use for their individual marketing purposes.

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