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So you want to hear more about our nut juice campaign, eh? Can’t say we blame you! We know, we know. The concept is a little “nutty”, but hear us out!


It all started when Earth’s Own reached out to our video production agency in hopes of creating a campaign to promote their line of Almond Milk. Earth’s Own was looking for a way to spark conversation and was willing to step outside the comfort of their own shell. (And no, I will nut stop with the puns). We love content that is fun, creative, and engaging – but hey, who doesn’t? When Earth’s Own presented us with their two options for creative: “Nuttin’ Tastes Better” and “Nut Juice”, there was no way we couldn’t join in on the fun! Our teams worked collaboratively to create fun and quirky scripts to represent just a few of the many ways you can enjoy Earth’s Own Nut Juice… I mean Almond Milk!


From there, we needed to find our two stars: Gen Z-ennial Jeremy and the Director. Jeremy is Earth’s Own aspirational customer target. He is optimistic, self-assured, passionate about the environment, and committed to speaking his mind (maybe a little too committed). And the Director…. well…. the director was cast to help say what we’re all thinking. Somebody had to!
Through model calls, script readings, and virtual auditions, we were able to find our perfect nuts! And so the laughs began.


Next up, the location. With a concept this nutty, we couldn’t film in just your typical clean and serene kitchen setting. In fact, Earth’s Own themselves wanted the opposite of that! They wanted a set that was bright, bold and ‘out of the box’! So we jumped into brainstorming. Where could we find the perfect set in Kelowna, that would lend well to bright, bold, and ‘out of the box”? Out of the box. Outside of the box. The answer was obvious! Rooftop terrace of a highrise building. I’m sure you came to that conclusion, long before you read this, but it had to be stated. We had found our perfect location on the rooftop patio of the Innovation Centre in Kelowna and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

The only thing left was the set design and we needed BOLD. Surprisingly enough, this was the most difficult task of the entire video. Do you know how few and far between bright yellow chairs are? But in true One Peak fashion, we did anything to get the shot. And hey, that’s what spray paint is for right?

Take a ‘peak’ for yourself!

Haven’t tried Earth’s Own Almond Milk? Give it a taste! There’s nuttin’ better.