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As most of us know – Tesla doesn’t advertise. But what if they did? What if they advertised in a way that was brutally honest and even borderline self deprecating?  That’s the question our Kelowna based Creative Agency set out to answer with our series, “Honest Ads”.

The idea behind “Honest Ads” is simple: take common stereotypes and perceptions of products and brands and turn them on their head. Our goal is to make ads that are relatable, transparent, and above all, honest. And when it comes to Tesla, the stereotype of the pompous, planet-saving Tesla owner was just too good to pass up. Especially because one of our Co-Founders drives one.

We wanted to show that it’s okay to be proud of your Tesla, but also to poke fun at the stereotype and showcase that Tesla owners are relatable, just like everyone else. The ad follows a Tesla owner who is overly proud of his Model Y and comes off as rather smug and arrogant – but ends in a playful way that Tesla haters can laugh at, and Tesla owners can laugh with. Win-win.

We’ve been refining the strategy behind creating ads like this one for the last 3 years. Currently, it looks like this: As a team of just three people we manage to film, edit, and produce the entire thing in less than 24 hours. We act as both talent and producer in the ads, a format that has worked wonders for both our Creative Agency but especially our clients. By working this way our team has become incredibly agile and adaptable to the rapidly changing world of content creation. Now, when clients come to us with a time sensitive idea – we know we can bring their vision to life regardless of the circumstances.

It’s one thing to TELL you how we operate, but it’s better to SHOW you the proof. So… how did our strategy work out for the Tesla ad?

Since the video was created its gained over 10 million views and 250,000 shares organically in just a few months. It’s safe to say that we’ve struck a chord with the Tesla community.

To put that into perspective: achieving that many impressions running ads on Meta would cost over $120,000 based on recent data.


The reception of the ad has been overwhelmingly positive, with many Tesla owners praising its relatable and transparent approach. As one viewer put it, “This is literally me.”

And that’s exactly the point. Transparent and relatable advertising is powerful because it connects with people on a deeper level. According to a study by Nielsen, ads that elicit an emotional response are more likely to drive purchase intent than those that don’t. And when it comes to cars, people have a lot of emotions tied up in their choice of vehicle. By tapping into those emotions and being transparent about the realities of owning a Tesla, we’ve been able to create an ad that resonates with people in a way that traditional car ads just can’t.

Of course, it’s not just the “Honest Ads” series that’s benefitting from this approach. Other brands are also seeing the power of transparent and relatable advertising. For example, the “Real Beauty” campaign by Dove has been credited with changing the way we think about beauty and body image.

And that’s not just good for business, it’s good for the world. When brands are transparent and relatable, they can build trust with their customers and create a sense of community. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The overarching lesson for our readers is that relating to people and being transparent is the most powerful advertising tool you can use. Instead of trying to be something you’re not, embrace what makes you unique and use it to connect with your audience. And if you’re a Tesla owner, don’t be afraid to be proud of your ride – just don’t be too smug about it.

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